Peasant farmers reiterate calls for construction of Pwalugu Multi-Purpose Dam


The Peasant Farmers Association of Ghana is urging the government to allocate funds for the construction of the Pwalugu multi-purpose dam, as part of its efforts to boost the agricultural sector.

The dam, estimated to cost $993 million, would be the largest government investment in the northern region, with the aim of addressing three key issues: providing water for irrigation, generating electricity, and controlling annual flooding in communities in the Upper East and North East regions.

Dr. Charles Nyaabah, the President of the Association, emphasized the importance of the project in an interview with Citi Business News.

He called on the government to give the Pwalugu dam a place of priority in its financial plans, noting that since the sod was cut, there has been little progress on the project.

Dr. Nyaabah explained that “the dam would help farmers deal with the challenges brought about by climate change”.

He also suggested that the government “allocates part of any funds received through IMF negotiations to support irrigation, including the Pwalugu multi-purpose dam”.

The association believes that the construction of the Pwalugu dam is crucial for the growth of the agricultural sector and the overall development of the northern region.

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